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Wardrobe Manager

Wardrobe Manager


Julie Raphael

Julie has long been a member of the Tasmanian theatre community. We don’t just mean she’s been around – Julie has done every conceivable job, volunteered in every conceivable position and helped out in every way you can imagine. Her experience, her devotion to the company, and her bright and sunny attitude give her a strong bearing on the committee and the company. Julie has kept our wardrobe department in a wonderful state since taking office, has overhauled our costume rental policy, and has been amazing at keeping track of everything. There is no job too big or too small that Julie cannot handle!




The primary duties of the Wardrobe Manager are:

  1. Attend to costume hire enquiries;
  2. Send out and follow up tax invoices for payment of costume hire;
  3. Ensure costumes are returned on time and in a satisfactory condition;
  4. Wash costumes on return, where required;
  5. Re-hang returned costumes;
  6. Regularly check through costumes and cull costumes, where and when required;
  7. Repair costumes when needed;
  8. Maintain the general upkeep of the costume space;
  9. Responsible for purchasing cleaning materials (washing up powder etc) for cleaning of costumes – Old Nick will reimburse;
  10. Maintain fee schedules and approach Committee to re-consider pricing options, when required; and
  11. Ensure fee schedules are maintained on the Old Nick webpage and other areas, where necessary.

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