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Helen Cronin

The Treasurer is responsible for the financial management for the Company, which means having proper control over the handling and recording of cash received, cash payments and the reporting of these transactions.

Helen Cronin joined The Old Nick Company committee this year to fill an empty position. Helen brings an absolute wealth of experience to the committee, as she has had experience in virtually every facet of theatre! Like most of our committee members, she is also a veteran of the Uni Revue. In Hobart theatre, Helen is well known for her professional prowess, and is a particularly adept at wardrobe and props. There are those who say her prop-making skills are second-to-none the whole world over.




The primary duties of the Treasurer are:


  1. Ensure that adequate accounts and records exist regarding the organisation’s financial transactions including accurate and up-to-date records of all income and expenditure (through whatever necessary software is required);
  2. Monitor the budget and expenditure;
  3. Issue receipts and promptly deposit all monies received into the Old Nick account with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia;
  4. Make all approved payments and invoice groups/members promptly;
  5. Act as the signatory to the organisation’s bank accounts, cheque accounts, (along with the President and the Secretary);
  6. Prepare and present regular monthly financial statements to the Committee at meetings; and
  7. Manage the organisation’s cash flow and provide an actual vs budget report to the Committee on a monthly basis.

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