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Property Manager

Property Manager


Ian Pirkis

The Property Manager’s role is the general role responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of Old Nick’s Letitia Street premises, as well as all chattels, props and associated physical items of Old Nick’s building (excluding costumes).

Ian’s long experience in the building world, and his past in advertising, have made him a very versatile committee member. He has been dedicated to our property on Letitia Street, pushing through a major building assessment and organising a repair plan. His work in promoting and renting our space have made it more profitable than it has been in many years, and he still manages to find time to make small repairs himself and build sets for Old Nick shows, including several Uni Revues and some other productions.




The primary duties of the Property Manager are:


  1. Coordinate all property repairs and maintenance;
  2. Liaise with all rehearsal tenants to book, manage/invoice for rehearsal space times;
  3. Maintain tenant hire data-base and track all invoicing;
  4. Keep track of all building keys;
  5. Email all tenant hire invoices to the Treasurer;
  6. Aim to improve rental income each year by 10% increase;
  7. Purchase toilet paper and general supplies, to be reimbursed by Old Nick;
  8. Maintain the Workshop and ensure it remains a safe working environment;
  9. Liaise with Tas Fire Service to do the annual check on fire extinguishers;
  10. Put rubbish out weekly;
  11. Regularly check building security;
  12. Report to Committee on all building maintenance, and state cost effective methods to repair items within annual budget, where applicable; and
  13. Ensure building and contents are secure and protected.

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  1. Rod Gray

    G’day Ian
    Rod here from Huon Valley Theatre. Just wondering if you guys have an old wheel chair – wooden preferably (one was used in Les Mis ages ago) + a couple of old looking tables we could borrow for our production of Oliver!

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