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Productions Manager

Productions ManagerNP

Nick Paine


The role of the Productions Manager within the Old Nick Company is a critical one. This person is the conduit between a production team and the Committee. The Productions Manager should be a friendly and experienced Production Manager/Producer that can advise and help through a show process from application to bump out.


Top kek.



The primary duties of the Productions Manager are:

  1. Act as the conduit between all production teams and the Committee;
  2. Oversee the submissions to the Company for productions;
  3. With the assistance of the Committee or Sub-Committee, make recommendations to the Committee about which submissions to proceed with for that year;
  4. Act as Production Manager for all shows commissioned until a suitable Production Manager has been appointed (duties may include applying for royalties, booking theatres and rehearsal spaces);
  5. Assist and advise the Director of each production around the appointment of a suitable production team;
  6. Oversee casting on all productions to ensure fairness; and
  7. Attend first rehearsals of all productions to welcome all cast and explain their membership.

Comments (2)

  1. Imogen Paine

    Hi David Lander,

    sorry for the delayed reply. please email me and i can explain everything.

    thank you


    Current Productions Manager

  2. David Lander

    Hi, Darren. This is David Lander. I’m contacting you in your role as productions manager of Old Nick. I’m very out of touch with Old Nick’s submissions process and I have a script the company might be interested in. How do I submit it for consideration? David

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