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Imogen Paine

The President is ‘face’ of the Company who provides a good public image, leadership within the Company and oversees the Committee.


Imogen Paine has had a long involvement with the Old Nick Company, following what has become a Paine family tradition. Over the past few years her input and work on committee has been tremendous, and her involvement in Old Nick’s productions has been commendable, working tirelessly on shows such as the Summer School and OneFest, often in multiple capacities, as well as being one of the all-round talented members of the Uni Revue cast.


The primary duties of the President are:

  1. On most occasions act as chair on Committee Meetings;
  2. Manage the Annual General Meeting;
  3. To act as a spokesperson for the Company;
  4. Represent the Company at invited functions and events, such as other theatre shows;
  5. Ensure Committee Members fulfil their responsibilities for the Committee;
  6. In conjunction with the Secretary, present a report at the Annual General Meeting (AGM);
  7. Overseeing (at the AGM) the recruitment of new Committee Members, as well as finding replacements in the event of a resignation of a member from Committee in all cases other than at the AGM;
  8. Create and maintain networks with related associations; and
  9. Act as a signatory to the organisation’s bank accounts, cheque accounts, (along with the Secretary and Treasurer).

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