Life Members

old-nick-60th-invite-smallFrom time to time, the current membership of Old Nick will nominate and elect one of it’s number for the honour of life membership at the annual general meeting.

The people elected have made significant contributions to the company over a period of time, freely donating their time and talents. These people, with the many thousands of other company members over the years,  have helped Old Nick become the premiere amateur theatre company in Tasmania.

Gold Life Member

Pat Harrison (dec.)

Life Members

James Alexander
Paul Bennett (dec.)
Phyllis Burns
Pam Buxton-Barber
Jill Carrington Smith
Richard Causby
John Clark
Ross Clennett
John Colegrave
Marcus Cooney (dec.)
John Davidson
Bill Dowd
Rachel Dudgeon
Mike Edwards
Greg Farquhar
Michael FitzGerald
Damien Fuller
Ingrid Ganley
Simon Hirst
Roger Hodgman
Angela Ireson
John Ireson
Keith Jarvis (dec.)
Jerry Langdale
Gina Lee
Carl Lewis
Maryanne Lewis
Andrew McDonald
Fran McKendrick (dec.)
Tony Manley
Tim Munro
Graeme Paine
Ros Peck
Daryl Peebles
Fred Rawlings (dec.)
Peter Reardon (dec.)
David Rish
Linda Robinson
Richard Snare
Peter Underwood (dec.)
Julie Warn
Craig Wellington
Carolyn Whamond
Susan Williams
Cassie Xintavelonis (née le Fevre)
John Xintavelonis