The Hobart Theatre Summer School

The Hobart Theatre Summer School started in 2005 by Craig Wellington and Graeme Paine as an idea to give our most talented young performers something constructive to do during summer. It was so successful with educators, performers, parents and the public that the need to continue the Summer School was obvious.

The show usually attracts over sixty students representing both public and private educational institutions.  Students are aged between 14 and 19 years of age.

It is run in two parts 1) the cast and 2) the orchestra. Both combine at the end of the process to produce the final production.

When the summer school started the objectives were:

  • To create a combined Schools and Colleges production
  • To provide interested students with an extra curricular summer holiday activity to make positive use of their leisure time in a meaningful and fulfilling way
  • Provide personal development opportunities which complement existing curricular and Performing Arts programs
  • To provide unique ties and contacts by involving students from as many suburbs, institutions and socioeconomic backgrounds as possible
  • To provide contacts within the Performing Arts Industry
  • To provide experience of an extended season and larger production than those undertaken within the school year with the guidance and support of professional tutors and theatre practitioners

Originally the Summer School was run by dedicated individuals but from July 2010 the administration was taken over by the Old Nick Company.



2005   Les Miserables Schools Edition

2006   Back to the 80s

2007   Jesus Christ Superstar

2008   Oklahoma

2009   Pirates of Penzance

2010   Guys and Dolls

2011   Urinetown

2012   The Producers

2013   The Drowsy Chaperone

2014   Jesus Christ Superstar

2015   The Wedding Singer

2016   The Adams Family

2017   9 To 5