The 2017 AGM!

The 2017 AGM!

Hello Old Nickers!

Now that we have your attention, welcome all to a whole new world of the Old Nick Company Inc.  These past few months have been very busy for us, so we apologise profusely for the lateness (and length) of this email. We have been prepping to tell you all about the exciting new changes happening to the Old Nick Co., which includes a new committee, new openings in our team and, most importantly, of our brand new Articles of Association!


2017 in Review:

2017 was a massive year for us, and we thank you, the members, without whom we would not have had the success that we did. Thanks to your work on the Summer School Production: ‘9-5’ , The Uni Revue: ‘Make Tasmania Great Again’, ‘Onefest’, and ‘One Man, Two Guvnor’s’ we had an enormously successful and fun year.

A successful marketing strategy in the form of two internet videos; ‘Bogans’ and ‘Straight Outta Kempton’ has given us broad advertising to such a scale we could not have predicted. We also saw our first collaboration with Speak Up: Stay Chatty coming on as a fundraising partner for the Uni Revue.

The Old Nick annual Christmas dinner was held at The Duke in Hobart on the 4th of November, to a hugely successful 70’s theme, in consideration of this being Old Nick’s 70th year of production. We would like the thank everyone who came, The Duke for hosting us and Amy Thimm-Barrett for putting together such a wonderful night!

The Property

Shows aren’t all Old Nick does – we have a fairly formidable set of assets including our great rehearsal space on Letitia Street. In 2017 we produced an ongoing Property Management Audit, as well as seeing major electrical work done, upgrades to the workshop and repairs to some exterior walls. Some painting has been done to freshen up the property, and we continue to strive to improve the look, feel and functionality of the space. We have installed a set of green/black/white drop screens for photography and video. Apart from our own shows, we see plenty of outside hires for the space as well. We are working toward a goal of making the building cost-neutral as increasing power costs especially continue to be a burden (on all Tasmanians!!)


No Old Nick year is complete without Uni Revue – and this year saw Old Nick make an aggressive marketing push to lure people away from Facebook and into the theatre. We kicked things off by releasing a music video to Revue 2014’s “Royals” send-up “Bogans”, which took off like we never expected! A year later its Facebook views sit around 250,000, with thousands of likes and comments and igniting an incredible amount of engagement with the company online. To date, “Bogans” has 250,000 views on Facebook, with the newly released follow-up “Straight Outta Kempton” sitting on 70,000 views mere weeks after release.

This kind of viral marketing can be incredibly valuable and helps Old Nick push its brand beyond the confines of more “traditional” marketing, and also gives us potential inroads with younger generations who may be more likely to watch videos on the internet than watch comedy on stage. With luck, these videos will help create a broader brand awareness and continue to drive “bums on seats” that the Revue needs every year. To that end, Old Nick has taken on a committee proposal to produce four major videos per year. If you’re interested in applying to produce or direct one of these videos, contact our Productions Manager at


Articles of Association

The process to amend our Articles of Association began late last year, and has been an enormous process. Since then, our committee has gotten together to discuss the possibility of amending our Articles of Association, which have served Old Nick faithfully since its creation. Reasons for doing this were to keep Old Nick up to date with its current members, and to ensure for a more functional, efficient and productive future.

After months of tinkering, it was agreed that we would alert our members of the proposed changes and conduct a vote at the official Annual General Meeting, dated 8th of October 2017. Of the 29 members who attended this meeting, 27 individuals chose to vote (with two abstaining) – an overwhelming ‘yes’ result. After a few weeks of administrative and bureaucratic obstacles, it is our pleasure to announce that we have succeeded in our efforts, giving us brand new Articles of Association!

This process was a massive effort and we thank everybody involved in making this possible, with particular mentions to Julie Raphael, Rebecca Andrews, Imogen Paine, Jaen Wilson, Anthony Manley, Ben Armitage, John Davidson, Tim Munro and Darryl Peebles. I want to formally recognise Julie Raphael for her tireless commitment to this project; without her we would not be this far. We as a committee are hopeful that the new articles will serve us just as well as the previous ones did.

What this means:

In addition to modernising the way we work, we have been able to open up four new positions to our current committee (details below!). We are also able to offer an Old Nick Company subscription; entitling members of the public to become involved in our company for an annual fee of $10, regardless of whether or not they have partaken in a show. For our current members, membership will continue to be free as long as they have been involved in a show in the past 24 months.

Ultimately, we hope that the new Articles of Association will allow us to be more in touch with our community and to allow members to have more say in how the company runs. If you have any questions regarding the new articles, please feel free to contact myself at

Old Nick Articles of Association (July 2017) (1)


The Committee

In addition to discussing the articles, a large portion of the AGM was devoted to the election of the Committee. We sincerely thank the work of previous committee members and their contributions. Below are the previous and new members:


Outgoing Committee


President        Imogen Paine

Secretary         Beck Andrews

Treasurer        Helen Cronin

Properties       Ian Pirkis

Wardrobe       Julie Raphael

Production      Samuel Mitchell

General Rep   (Records) Ben Armitage

Genera Rep    (Media) Justin Smith

General Rep   (Social) Amy Thimm-Barrett

Incoming Committee


President        Imogen Paine

Secretary         Jaen Wilson

Treasurer        Helen Cronin

Properties       Ian Pirkis

Wardrobe       Julie Raphael

Production      Samuel Mitchell

General Rep   (Records) Justin Smith

Genera Rep    (Media) Delia Bartle

General Rep   (Social) Brielle Riseley


The New Positions

Attached below are the position descriptions for the new committee members, which are: Vice President, Senior Vice President, Marketing Manager and Assets Manager. We shall be accepting expressions of interest for these roles via email by midnight, 31st of December 2017. We hope to have these positions filled by the first committee meeting of 2018, which will take place at Old Nick HQ at 5.30pm on Thursday the 4th of January. To apply, simply email us and let us know which position you are interested in and a brief (a sentence or two) why.

The positions will be elected by the current committee by means of ballot. If only one person applies for a certain position, they will have that role. If the committee cannot agree, the position will be elected by the President and Secretary, as per the new Articles of Association.

Position Descriptions


Life Membership

In alliance with tradition, on the 8th of October at the AGM, committee announced the nominations for new life members and read out their touching nominations. We are thrilled to finally induct Imogen Paine into the family business of Life Membership, having being nominated by Justin Smith. Imogen has been a steadfast presence at Old Nick her whole life, and has contributed to its ongoing success massively in forms of cast, crew, production, presidency and legacy. Her loyalty to the company has been unwavering and we are excited to have her name solidified.

The other member to achieve life status at this stage is Spot Cullen, having being nominated by Andrew Casey. Spot has devotedly lent his skills, attitude, time and attention to Old Nick for a large portion of Old Nick’s 70 years, and it is our pleasure to recognise his efforts.



Finally, we need to note our excitement for the future. We are currently working on creating the 2018 show calendar, which will include show dates, names and submission cut-off dates for 2019 productions. Although we cannot reveal too much at the moment, we are happy to release the name of our infamous Uni Revue, which will be entitled ‘50 Shades of White’, to be directed by Nicholas Paine and Zebulon Dwyer. Writing for this is in the works, as is the production of more internet videos to follow ‘Bogans’ and ‘Straight Out Of Kempton’. We encourage our members to share these videos on all applicable social media platforms, in order to give Old Nick as much free promotion as it can get!

We are also anticipating the fast approaching Summer School Production, ‘Annie Get Your Gun’. This is well underway, so please be sure to lend your support to Old Nick, local theatre and our young talent by getting along to see it.