Old Nick AGM ::Update::

Old Nick AGM ::Update::

We are updating our previous notice to include the motion to update the articles of association to the agenda.

This is a reminder that the Old Nick Company’s AGM is approaching and due to be held on Sunday the 8th October at 4pm at Old Nick HQ on Letitia Street.

What is an AGM anyway?

An AGM is an Annual General Meeting, and we are required to have one yearly. At the AGM, we see the state the company is in, where it is headed, we vote for the committee to run the company, announcements regarding shows are made, we hear reports and Life Memberships are made. All members and life members are not only welcome to attend, they are encouraged t0 attend! If you’ve been a part of an Old Nick show staged since the beginning of January 2016 you are a current member (and if you’re a life member, chances are you know who you are!)

The 2017 AGM also carries an important function – we’re moving to update the Old Nick articles of association, a document last updated in 1981 and in desperate need of modernisation. This will help Old Nick remain functional well into the 2020s and beyond.

There will be the obligatory barbecue afterwards, where you can mingle with other awesome people – other Old Nickers!


The Agenda

1 Open Meeting

2 Apologies

3 Minutes of the last meeting

Motion:  “That the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting held 13th November, 2016, as circulated, be taken as a true and correct record of proceedings”.
Moved: Seconded:

4 President’s Report

Motion:  “That the President’s Report be adopted”.
Moved: Seconded:

5 Treasurer’s Report

Motion:  “That the Treasurer’s Report and Auditors Statements be received”.
Moved: Seconded:

6 Revue Directors’ Report

7 Appointment of the Auditor

Motion:  “That Crowe Horwath International be appointed auditors for 2017/2018”.
Moved: Seconded:

8 Appointment of Returning Officer

Motion:  “That …………………………………. be appointed Returning Officer for the Election of Office Bearers”.
Moved: Seconded:

9  Motion to Update the Articles of Association

10 Election of Office Bearers


President Imogen Paine
Secretary Beck Andrews
Treasurer Helen Cronin
Properties Ian Pirkis
Wardrobe Julie Raphael
Production Samuel Mitchell
General Rep (Records) Ben Armitage
Genera Rep (Media) Justin Smith
General Rep (Social) Amy Thimm-Barrett


POSITIONS FOR NOMINATION 2017 – Structure TBA – dependent on outcome of item 9. Four ‘reserve’ positions to be elected to attend meetings without voting rights should new Articles be passed.

General Rep      
General Rep      
General Rep      
General Rep      

10 Life Membership
11 Other business (of an Annual nature only)
12 Close