Old Nick is looking for shows and directors!

Old Nick is looking for shows and directors!

The Old Nick Company has a strong history of presenting traditional, edgy and ground breaking productions to Tasmanian audiences.
As a company we are committed to The Hobart Theatre Summer School (February-March), The Uni Revue (May/June), and OneFest (August). As a company we are looking to add to this already strong program of theatre in the coming years, as well as build upon the shows we already do.

OneFest 2017 – Submissions by Sunday July 2nd

The annual OneFest is coming upon us fast. Whether you’re a student or a seasoned pro, Old Nick is eager to support one act plays of all kinds. Any genre, any idea. If you submit to Old Nick and we produce your show, we’ll help with any costumes, props etcetera, as well as give you access to our rehearsal space and cover all related submission fees. We’ll be able to help promote your show as part of the OneFest line up, and also help with casting and production if required.

Successful submissions will be contacted ASAP.

Uni Revue 2018 – Submissions by Sunday July 30th

The Uni Revue is Old Nick’s staple show, and the bread and butter that enables us to do everything else we do. The Uni Revue is more or less what it says on the tin – a comedy revue that tries to push the envelope, as well as covering state, national and international politics and news in parody and satire.

Every year the Old Nick company appoints a director – but directing a Revue is a very broad role. You’re essentially doing a show from scratch – you need to organise writing, form a production team, oversee budgeting, and craft the show itself. That said – you’re not on your own, and Old Nick’s committee and membership have a broad experience and can help with many aspects of production. We can help you form a production team, connect you with writers, and assist with our established marketing and casting practises.

An application for Revue should outline who you are, what you intend to do (or what your guiding principles are), and what experience you have. Better yet, if you have an idea of who might be involved in your production team, writing team, etc, or you have an idea for the show, include it. Anything submitted to committee will be kept from any other potential applicants — even ones who are members of the committee, so there should be no fears about having ideas stolen or recycled.

Applicants may have to attend an interview with committee, and will be notified before the AGM in September when they are officially announced.

Old Nick Season 2018-19 – Submissions by July 30th

This is the free-for-all part of the call; a call for submissions to do whatever show you can imagine. If you have an original script, a new spin on a classic, or even just a hankering to do Romeo and Juliet; this is the place for you. What are we looking for in an ideal world?

• Fresh, innovative theatre that can entertain, emotionally challenge or make us question our morals and beliefs

• Productions that are likely to be profitable

• Something we, as a company, can be proud of and that will boost our image on the Hobart theatre scene

 How to submit for the season:

A letter of submission to the committee outlining:

• The reason for wanting to stage this production

• The target audience, and why it appeals to Old Nick

• A possible production team, Ideally creative team

• Background information and research into whether the rights/performance spaces are available (Help with this is available)

• Draft budget

• Any relevant ideas for staging, marketing, etc

• Suggested dates (Old Nick may determine this dependant on our calendar year)

• Addition Information you may have

If you required assistance on any of the above points, please feel free to contact us, or request additional help or information along with your submission. Even if you haven’t covered all the criteria above in your submission the Old Nick committee are happy to assist.

Submissions for our season are due by Sunday 30th of July 2017. You may be contacted to clarify or expand on parts of yours submission, but our selections for shows will be notified of success by September. Directors will then be invited to a season launch in November 2017.


Sam Mitchell (Productions Co-ordinator)