The AGM is coming – but darling, I’m late!

Every year this comes around like clockwork – only this time the clocks hands have fallen off and they can’t get back up. Hence Old Nick has had to make a change to the AGM date this year, and it will be held on the 13th of November from 5PM. It will be the usual affair at Old Nick (50a Letitia Street!), we’ll try and wrap things up inside an hour, there’ll be drinks and pizza, we’ll vote on a committee, learn who is going to direct the Revue for 2017, hear what the 2016 directors have to say for themselves, asks the committee questions and generally have a merry old time. Or have lots of debates. Hey, it’s an annual general meeting, and what’s an annual general meeting without at least one argumentative curmudgeon talking about “the good old days”?

All Old Nick members are welcome – that means if you’ve done a Revue or another Old Nick show in the past two years (except Summer School) you’re a member. But heck, even if you arern’t a member or you’re a Summer Schooler wanting to learn more about the company and be involved, you can come along too, you just can’t vote for things or complain about the curmudgeon.

That date again is November 13th from 5PM, one week before our delightful new show Assassins opens! So someone is almost certainly going to mention Assassins at least once. Perhaps Assassins will be mentioned a few times. If you hear someone mention our upcoming show Assassins please feel free to say “yeah, I’ve heard about your brilliant upcoming show Assassins directed by the talented duo of Matt Wilson and Aaron Powell with an all star cast opening at the Peacock on the 18th of November and running until the 3rd of December so stop mentioning Assassins because I already know all about Assassins so you don’t have to tell me about Assassins at the Peacock Theatre again.”

We hope to see you there! Even the curmudgeon, you’re perhaps more welcome than most!