Applications to direct Uni Revue now open

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Are you a comedian, a director, a writer, a producer or just want to produce a show full of funny stuff?

Some things disappear into oblivion, like your old iPod or those Batman Returns trading cards you took to school that one time, but 2017 will mark the massive 70th year of Old Nick’s Uni Revue!

So what does that have to do with anything? Well someone has to direct the thing, and that someone could be YOU! (Or it could be your cousin Basil, but let’s face it, Basil doesn’t really use the internet so maybe you should just show him this instead, eh?)

Submissions are due by the 4th of September 2016. If you need help with your submission, get in touch with the Old Nick Company either through our Facebook page or by emailing
Directors will be notified ahead of the AGM, where they will be officially announced.

For more information on the requirements, download the PDF below.

Uni Revue Directors submission Guidelines