Uni Revue in Launceston 6th – 10th June


Launceston, though we’re coming a week later than normal, we’re about to be in you!

That’s right! Uni Revue 2016 is almost in the Princess Theatre and ready to blow your minds! Do you love HAVING A GREAT TIME? If so, book your tickets and come and see the show. Big gags, big dances, big songs, big battles and a big deep fryer? We have all this and more. Never seen a Revue before? What better Revue to cut your teeth on? Whether you’re a Star Wars fan or not, the Uni Revue promises comic insanity on stage the likes of which have only been seen once or twice in all of history*

*we cannot substantiate this claim, but it IS pretty damn awesome!

Princess Theatre, Launceston: 6-10th June