Revue programme omissions

Dear Old Nickers and faithful watchers,

The Old Nick Company would like to make up for a handful of accidental omissions from our Uni Revue programme the past few years. These are people missed in the rush to finalise the programme as happens every year, and for some reason it never occurred to us that we could make the acknowledgements via the Old Nick website! So here are a list of omissions from Uni Revue 2015 and 2016.


Helen Cronin – Wardrobe – 2016
Helen’s work on costume for Revue 2016 was astronomical. If you saw Revue 2016, you’ll know how amazing it looked, and Helen deserves more recognition than we could ever give her. If you need a wardrobe mistress, look no further!

Ben Armitage – Writing – 2015 and 2016
Ben Armitage’s influence can be felt in both Revue 2015 and 2016. His off colour humour, great knowledge of theatre and intellect have all been great boons to Revue production.

Victoria Croall – Writing – 2015
Vikki contributed many pieces that made it into 2015, including our awesome closing number, and her omission was a very regretful one.

John X – Staging Assistance – 2016
John X is a well known Hobart name, and as well as serving as marketing manager for 2015, he was gracious enough to allow us to use a special projector plinth designed for Rock of Ages (which was awesome, by the way!) which happened to match our needs.


Whilst we make every effort to ensure people are not forgotten, it does happen unfortunately and regretfully. In future, we will endeavour to redouble our efforts to not miss individuals like this, and we shall also use our website and Facebook as a platform to correct these omissions when necessary. Thanks everyone!