Check out my awesome cast!

Cast announcement
Hey guys, it’s me, the Uni Revue! Check out my new cast!
The first thing I did was get people to sign their names on it. So all the people who have their names on Uni Revue’s awesome cast are:
David Abbott
Beck Andrews
Luke Andrews
Kristy Baker
Angela Barnard
Elyse Barnes
Naarah Shaye Barnes
Julian Bennett
Nik Berechree
Mylo Bingham
Corey Butters
Ella Cambridge
Kate Choraziak
Kyra Cohen
Maegan Cross
Jason Green
Jennifer McNickle
Jack Milbourne
Rhys Prestedge
Brielle Riseley
Alec Simpson
Harrison Smith
Thomas Taylor
Catherine Webster
Chris Wright
Congratulations on being named on the Uni Revue 2016 cast list!
If you didn’t get to write your name on my cast, don’t be disheartened! You can always try next time, or write your name on other parts of my body! Aww yeah!
I got this awesome cast whilst doing some sick as bike jumps at Old Nick HQ on Sunday. I heard your mum thought I was really cool, so I did some more tricks on Monday night (and in the dark, that was when I ended up needing the cast).
We laid out the welcome mat for people to come and have a look around. If anyone sees that pesky 2013 Crock of Ages banner lying around tell it to get its ass back to Old Nick!
Uni Revue: Episode 69 now on sale at the Theatre Royal Hobart (May 13-28) and the Princess Theatre Launceston (June 6-10)