Summer School 2016 – The Addams Family Audition Notice

Summer School 2016 – The Addams Family Audition Notice

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If you haven’t been paying attention (or perhaps just didn’t see it on Facebook as I don’t think we’ve announced it via our website yet), next year’s Summer School production is officially The Addams Family! And with that exciting announcement out of the way, we’d like to expand on that with an audition notice!

If you aren’t familiar with the Addams Family, they are a macabre satire of an American upper class family, interested in the creepy and the kooky, with literal skeletons in their closet and witches up their family tree! The Addams Family musical is a fun and modern staging of this enduring fictional family, and is sure to be a blast to be a part of!

The Hobart Theatre Summer School was established as an opportunity for young people in Tasmania to get involved with a theatrical production in which they will perform, as well as learning stage craft and theatre from seasoned professionals. It’s a great way to get a good show under your belt and make a bunch of new friends, as well as start to make contacts and in-roads into the industry!

The information for auditioning is contained in the notice below. If you’re familiar with the Hobart Summer School, you’ll know the requirements – must be in grade 9 – 12, and/or must be under 20 years old as of March 2016. Actors, singers, dancers – there will be many roles, and anybody of any skill level can apply. Auditions will be held (as unfortunately we simply couldn’t put 200 of you on stage at once!) and you will need to book a time by emailing us at

For those not wanting to be in the show but to see our usual showcase of talent, expect to see us at the Mount Nelson College Theatre in Feb-March 2016, with official dates currently yet to be confirmed. We will post notices of the performance dates closer to the show.


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  1. hi guys
    I’ve tried to email you to request an audition however the email returns to me saying the address is incorrect. Can you please email me so I can reply?

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