Andrea Moody – 14 August 2011

By now most of you will know that Andrea passed away on Sunday, 14th August 2011.

Andrea performed in a number of Old Nick productions, as well as numerous productions for other theatre groups. Old Nick members will miss Andrea, and our thoughts turn to Andrew and Gracie.

A formal funeral notice will be in the Mercury tomorrow (Wednesday 17 August). The funeral will be held at St. Mary’s Cathedral at 2pm on Friday 19th August, followed by a gathering at the Theatre Royal.

Chris Hamley has spoken to Andrew and posted the following on the White Room page on Facebook. I’m sure he won’t mind me quoting it here for those who have not seen this:

“I spent a few hours with Andrew last night, he and Grace are surrounded with love and support, and Andrew asked me to pass on a few things.

If anyone would like to visit him, he would LOVE the company, so please feel ok about doing so, he’s not going anywhere

The funeral will be at St Marys cathedral on Friday at 2pm followed by a gathering at the Theatre Royal to share stories and memories. All, and he means ALL, are welcome.

He is determined that after this week, React will continue, bigger and better than ever, as Andrea would have wanted. He is also determined to continue with Richard the 3rd, as Andrea would have wanted, and to make it extraordinary. He is overwhelmed with the messages of support in all forms, and just wants to say a heartfelt thank you.”

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  1. Oh thank goodness. Thank you so much for this information, good on Chris for passing it on. I so need to say goodbye to Andrea! Good on Andrew, what strength. I was wondering if he was going to be like Prince Rainier when the beautiful Grace Kelly tragically died. Apparently Prince Rainier never recovered.

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