“Keating! The musical we had to have.” … but not on local ABC radio


I won’t mince words here. I’m pissed off. And this is not some publicity stunt to promote the show. I really wish we and the ABC had been left to do what we normally do.

Because of some ill-informed, incorrect allegations by two Tasmanian senators while under parliamentary privilege at a senate estimates committee meeting, our current production, Keating!, will now not be mentioned on the ABC.

We will not get the normal coverage that local theatre productions get.

We will not get the chance the perform a song or two on Tim Cox’s Live At The Centre segment.

We will not be mentioned on the ABC at all.

And Craig Wellington may never be asked to work at the ABC again.

Why is this? Because some parliamentarians feel that parliamentary privilege gives them the right to say anything they like, true or untrue, for any reason, without fear of consequences. Basically, they abuse this privilege for their own gain.

See the attached PDF document for all the details.

And these same parliamentarians will wonder why they are held in such low esteem by the community.

Edit: Here are links to the story in The Mercury and Tasmanian Times.

Edit edit: Here is a link to the Crikey article. You need to be a subscriber to see the whole thing, but you can get a free 21 day trial 🙂