I Am My Own Wife – a preview review (sort of)

I am my own wife handoutI’ve just been to to a preview of the next Tasmanian Theatre Company production, I Am My Own Wife. It would be unfair to write a review of a preview, so this isn’t a review.

What it is is a recommendation to see this show. An unreserved, enthusiastic recommendation.

The director, Annette Downs, and the sole actor, Robert Jarman, have taken on the difficult task of a one-man, two-act, 40-character show, and carried it off. The characters are so well defined that you know within the first line Robert delivers which character is talking. The title character of the piece, Charlotte von Mahlsdorf, is fascinating, and her portrayal never descends into farce, something that could easily happen with less than the care put into this production.

See it.

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  1. JD’s observations are spot on! I have seen Robert Jarman in some memorable performances previously but the range and intensity of his characters in this piece are astounding! For anyone wishing to develop their acting skills, check this out and see how it is done.


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